Definitions of a Great Camera Drone

  • 3 factors that make Cameradojo great
  • Understanding the definition of these drones to its value
  • Photography made easy with drone use

Sometimes it is so hard to pick the appropriate definition of these drones simply because they bring a lot to your photography. But a definition of a camera drone at cameradojo is more of a show than a tell.


There’s so many things that a drone can do for your photography. But we will zero in with three elements, so we can form a definition of a camera drone at cameradojo that is entirely different from the conventional ones.

  • Variety is All – One of the main reasons why these drones are considered the next best thing to photography is its capacity to present a single subject or scene into a myriad of angles. These mini planes with cameras give you variety unlike anything you have seen since using a crane. The angles, these drones can give, seemed limitless.
  • Easy Does It – The faster you learn how to maneuver its remote control, the faster you can create stunning photos in the process. You don’t need a crane or to climb a promontory to be able to have that extensive aerial shot, these cams will take care of it. Now, that’s the definition of a camera drone at cameradojo that photographers can understand.
  • There’s Form, Too – It is making photography fun again. Perhaps a definition of a camera drone at cameradojo that enables young people to appreciate its value and beauty. These drones have cool designs, In fact, the form of these drones looked more like plane toys that you can easily maneuver, yet capable of producing great images.

These are the things that make Cameradojo so appealing to the many. You simply can’t pick a single definition of a camera drone at camaradojo because of the enormity of its effect to such photos and the impact it has on photographers.

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Benefits of Workflow Reviews by Photographers


  • Each photographer has a distinct workflow
  • A good review must be detailed and thorough for its readers
  • Beginners and pros can benefit from reviews

All photographers have their own creative process in working with their photos. Some like to work with a lot of brushes and photo filters with slight adjustments here and there, while some others like to have very minimal enhancements on their collection.


But almost, if not all photographers, use Adobe workflows to make the editing process less of a hassle and lot faster. Workflows can be downloaded in many different websites and almost all are packed with different brushes and filters for Lightroom.

However, in the entre process of taking and enhancing beautiful photos, one of the most articles you can ever find about it are real workflow reviews by photographers. Photographer reviews are particularly interesting since it gives other photographers what is the most trending products in the photography industry.

Real workflow reviews by photographers tend to be very thorough in explaining what it is that they hated or love about different products. They also give a detailed run down on what they received upon downloading the product,  and what brushes or presets they specifically used.

Real workflow reviews by photographers also discuss about what combination of tools they used to achieve the look they were aiming for. When you think about it, reviews are also mini-tutorials that other photographers can use when editing.

It may not be a step by step guide that beginners would hope for, it should give them an idea on what they can do to make good photos. A large part of growing in a creative industry like photography involves experimenting on photos.

In general, learning the technical stuff is only a fraction of being a good photographer, so if you’ve just started or even if you’re an experienced photographer, it still pays to read reviews to know the trendiest techniques used by other photographers.

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The Best Lightroom Presets for the Year

  • Downloadable Lightroom Presets for your photo editing
  • A list of the best photo editing tools for 2016
  • A Lightroom Presets that has that zombie-like feel on your photos

You will never run out of free Lightroom Presets for 2016. And they come in bunches, enough for you to experiment with these tools.


And without further ado, let us showcase some of the best free Lightroom Presets for 2016, and see why so many of our photo enthusiasts are using them.

Summer Haze

Just in time for the summer. This Lightroom Presets not only brightens your photo image, it also brightens your day, because the moment you use this Lightroom Presets, your picture will immediately glow, with that great turquoise effect.

HDR Action

It comes in four great moods, namely, Original, Light, Normal, Heavy.  Among the top free Lightroom Presets for 2016, HDR Action is a favorite of designers because it allows them to project their images in a variety of moods. Talk about giving diversity to your subjects.

Blue Evening

The zombie phenomenon is making waves on the internet and even on television and movies, and what a way to enhance that zombie-like atmosphere than with this free Lightroom Presets, Blue Evening. Its blue cast offers a touch of drama that is quite palpable every time you think of horror genres.

Wedding Enhancers Kit

Collections of Lightroom Presets are not complete without some wedding album in its list. Many use Wedding Enhancers Kit because it enables users to put special effects on their wedding photos, making it more memorable.

Retro Filters

Going retro isn’t so bad at all, only if you use Lightroom Presets. You are, in fact, limited by your own imagination every time you use this tool. With Lightroom Presets, even your retro images are as hip as it was back then. Groovy, isn’t it?

These are a just a sampling of the best free Lightroom Presets for 2016. Check out the web today, and download that desired Lightroom Presets of yours, so you can start churning out images that leaves a smile on your viewers’ faces.

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Lightroom Presets for Portraits

  • Lightroom makes photo editing easier and more efficient
  • Lightroom works well with landscape photos
  • It also works for portrait photos

It is not even a question. Adobe Lightroom presets makes the photo editing job a lot easier for photographers. It also saves them the time of having to stress about not getting the lights right for a photo shoot or the horizontal background not aligned properly in the camera.


The presets works wonders on landscapes. Lightroom presets can make the grasses greener, or the flowers more vibrant. They make wonderful sceneries look breathtaking, as if making a dreamland out of a normal view.

But aside from landscapes, presets also works well with portraits.  Lightroom presets for portraits have more different tones than landscape photos as they aim to highlight the subject. They make dull lighting look brighter with more emphasis on the subject and less on the background.

Lightroom presets for portraits can also alter the colors within a portrait. Some of the best presets online can also enhance the appearance of the subject, thus making them look more beautiful. However, the alterations made on Lightroom cannot be compared on the editing that can be made on Photoshop.

Lightroom presets for portraits are also easy to edit so users can easily adjust key features that they find over powering.  Overall, presets are supposed to make the work easier thus, when downloading a photo, it is important to use the right presets and adjust them according to the features that need to be enhanced in the photograph.

A lot of Lightroom presets for portraits can be found online but it still pays to make a thorough search and only download the ones that fit the overall theme of the photo. But you can also create your personal presets and share it to others.

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How Much Do You Know about Quadcopters?

  • Being a photographer is not easy
  • Quadcopters are very addicting and challenging
  • You need to spend a lot of time reading the manual and reviews online

Basically, being a photographer is not easy; you have to be updated with the latest camera gadgets and accessories for you to fit in with the client’s demand. Therefore, when I was asked by my colleague to write something about quadcopters, it took me a while before I said yes because this flying stuff is very new to me. I was also intrigued on how these quadcopters perform and does it really have a good impact to photography; that’s why I managed to purchase one and check the benefits myself.


To start with, I really have to admit that quadcopters are very addicting and challenging at the same time. The feeling of flying a copter was actually really great. However, you need to spend a lot of time reading the manual and reviews online to understand the basics of controlling copters.

Essentially, quadcopters aren’t that heavy as what you expected, it has four arms with a propeller on each end. It has cameras between which can capture a 180 degree shot. There are a lot of quadcopters available on the market and if you really want to go on for a quadcopter have a look at

When purchasing a quadcopter for the first time, you have to check if the package contains the following:

  • Flight controller
  • Frames
  • Receiver
  • Motor propellers
  • Speed controllers
  • Extra gears

Also, there are some copters that are sold unbuilt. That means, you have to build the quadcopter yourself by reviewing the manuals.

Overall, these quadcopters we see around are great inventions. It provides a lot of good benefits to photographers like me. But you really have to be a responsible quadcopter owner for you to prevent accidents to happen.

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Getting to Know Your Actiom Camcorder

  • Capturing memorable, fleeting moments using an action camcorder
  • A list of action camcorders available online with reviews and ratings
  • Reading reviews of action camcorders before buying one

You might not say it outright, but it is so hard to find an action camcorder that brings out the best of your photo images. You may find one, but it is either too expensive or quite difficult to maneuver. Seldom can you find an action camcorder that fits your style and even preference.

Yet, there are lots of action camcorders online. And it’s almost impossible that not a single action camcorder out that befits your photography style.

As a start, an action camcorder is not your regular photography tool out there. Action camcorders record actions without altering its natural or original image, compared to ordinary cameras where blurry images can be expected when capturing moving scenes. Action cameras capture the moment, literally, so you can encapsulate that fleeting moment.

An action camcorder can be seen everywhere, from major sporting events to large indoor and even outdoor concerts. They are installed to capture the action, those quick moments that are hard to record if you’re using ordinary cameras.

And these camcorders are all available at Best Action Cam Reviews. If you are in the hunt of an action camcorder for that particular event, then this is the site to check out online. And not only that, they have action camcorder reviews that allow you to choose which among these camcorders serve you well.

Elevate your capturing capacity with this desired action camcorder you’re planning to buy. Just don’t forget to read some reviews first at Best Action Cam Reviews before buying that gadget. It pays to read these reviews, though, not only they improve the dramatic effect of your photos, you will also look professional at that, capturing scenes that are anything but static.

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Why Do You Need To Send Birth Announcements?

  • What are birth announcements
  • Why do you need to send it
  • Where can you get templates for these

Birth announcements are a necessity whether you are a first time parent or not. It is something that you need to give to people you want to share this wonderful experience. Birth announcements should have basic information like the name of the baby, name of the parents and siblings if there are any, grandparents’ name, and other stuff like who delivered the baby, weight and length. These are important information that guests need to know before they attend the celebration.

Why do you need to send it? Well, bringing a baby into this world is a joyous occasion that you would naturally want to celebrate with people close to you. It would be better and more practical to hold an event to do exactly just that rather than spend time with them individually. Keep in mind that you’ve just had a baby and as a parent, you need to spend all the time you need to with him or her. So, hosting an event would be the most practical thing to do. If you choose to do that though, you have to do it right. Make sure to send a birth announcement that would certainly catch the attention of prospective guests. That is why you need to have the right info and appropriate graphics in your birth announcement. Compile 10 birth announcement templates for your next event that you can choose from. It’s up to you which template you want to use as long as it fits the theme and mood of the event.

If you are looking for templates, Infoparrot provides 10 birth announcement templates for your next event. These templates are well designed and have are well suited for your event. Give it a try now and I will guarantee you will like it.

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Photo Editing and Its Advantages

  • Most amateur photographers aren’t that knowledgeable about the true essence of photo editing.
  • Photo editing might be costly
  • Most professional photographers depend on these post processing tools

Generally, most amateur photographers aren’t that knowledgeable about the true essence of photo editing. Even I didn’t fully understood why such editing is needed for the photos straight from the camera. What I know is that the pictures I took were enough for my viewers to appreciate my work. But along the way, I realized that these raw images needs the help of post processing tools to make it even more outstanding and wonderful. I tried a few photos from Sleeklens photo editing service and that what made me decide to try photo editing.

Photo editing might be costly and expensive since you have to purchase some of the best editing software available in the market; but it really doesn’t matter as long as it can give you high-quality image outcome. The famous tools are from Adobe such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Camera RAW.

Most professional photographers depend on these post processing tools and software because it can help them simplify their workload, save time and effort and produce the best images one could possibly have. I mean, editing images aren’t easy as you think it is, but with the readymade workflows made available to the public, I’m pretty sure that even amateurs can finish an editing session in no time.

Essentially, when you decide to buy an editing program for your images, make sure that you choose the best, useful and effective post processing tool. You don’t want to spend on something that will not help you and your profession. Read reviews online about the how to choose the best processing tool in the market.

Once you get to understand the essence and importance of photo editing, you can even make money out of it such as creating collections of workflows (Lightroom presets or PS actions). You also have to weigh things about what do most professionals use so that you’ll know which workflow to make and produce.


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