The Best Lightroom Presets for the Year

  • Downloadable Lightroom Presets for your photo editing
  • A list of the best photo editing tools for 2016
  • A Lightroom Presets that has that zombie-like feel on your photos

You will never run out of free Lightroom Presets for 2016. And they come in bunches, enough for you to experiment with these tools.


And without further ado, let us showcase some of the best free Lightroom Presets for 2016, and see why so many of our photo enthusiasts are using them.

Summer Haze

Just in time for the summer. This Lightroom Presets not only brightens your photo image, it also brightens your day, because the moment you use this Lightroom Presets, your picture will immediately glow, with that great turquoise effect.

HDR Action

It comes in four great moods, namely, Original, Light, Normal, Heavy.  Among the top free Lightroom Presets for 2016, HDR Action is a favorite of designers because it allows them to project their images in a variety of moods. Talk about giving diversity to your subjects.

Blue Evening

The zombie phenomenon is making waves on the internet and even on television and movies, and what a way to enhance that zombie-like atmosphere than with this free Lightroom Presets, Blue Evening. Its blue cast offers a touch of drama that is quite palpable every time you think of horror genres.

Wedding Enhancers Kit

Collections of Lightroom Presets are not complete without some wedding album in its list. Many use Wedding Enhancers Kit because it enables users to put special effects on their wedding photos, making it more memorable.

Retro Filters

Going retro isn’t so bad at all, only if you use Lightroom Presets. You are, in fact, limited by your own imagination every time you use this tool. With Lightroom Presets, even your retro images are as hip as it was back then. Groovy, isn’t it?

These are a just a sampling of the best free Lightroom Presets for 2016. Check out the web today, and download that desired Lightroom Presets of yours, so you can start churning out images that leaves a smile on your viewers’ faces.

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