How Much Do You Know about Quadcopters?

  • Being a photographer is not easy
  • Quadcopters are very addicting and challenging
  • You need to spend a lot of time reading the manual and reviews online

Basically, being a photographer is not easy; you have to be updated with the latest camera gadgets and accessories for you to fit in with the client’s demand. Therefore, when I was asked by my colleague to write something about quadcopters, it took me a while before I said yes because this flying stuff is very new to me. I was also intrigued on how these quadcopters perform and does it really have a good impact to photography; that’s why I managed to purchase one and check the benefits myself.


To start with, I really have to admit that quadcopters are very addicting and challenging at the same time. The feeling of flying a copter was actually really great. However, you need to spend a lot of time reading the manual and reviews online to understand the basics of controlling copters.

Essentially, quadcopters aren’t that heavy as what you expected, it has four arms with a propeller on each end. It has cameras between which can capture a 180 degree shot. There are a lot of quadcopters available on the market and if you really want to go on for a quadcopter have a look at

When purchasing a quadcopter for the first time, you have to check if the package contains the following:

  • Flight controller
  • Frames
  • Receiver
  • Motor propellers
  • Speed controllers
  • Extra gears

Also, there are some copters that are sold unbuilt. That means, you have to build the quadcopter yourself by reviewing the manuals.

Overall, these quadcopters we see around are great inventions. It provides a lot of good benefits to photographers like me. But you really have to be a responsible quadcopter owner for you to prevent accidents to happen.

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