• Each photographer has a distinct workflow
  • A good review must be detailed and thorough for its readers
  • Beginners and pros can benefit from reviews

All photographers have their own creative process in working with their photos. Some like to work with a lot of brushes and photo filters with slight adjustments here and there, while some others like to have very minimal enhancements on their collection.


But almost, if not all photographers, use Adobe workflows to make the editing process less of a hassle and lot faster. Workflows can be downloaded in many different websites and almost all are packed with different brushes and filters for Lightroom.

However, in the entre process of taking and enhancing beautiful photos, one of the most articles you can ever find about it are real workflow reviews by photographers. Photographer reviews are particularly interesting since it gives other photographers what is the most trending products in the photography industry.

Real workflow reviews by photographers tend to be very thorough in explaining what it is that they hated or love about different products. They also give a detailed run down on what they received upon downloading the product,  and what brushes or presets they specifically used.

Real workflow reviews by photographers also discuss about what combination of tools they used to achieve the look they were aiming for. When you think about it, reviews are also mini-tutorials that other photographers can use when editing.

It may not be a step by step guide that beginners would hope for, it should give them an idea on what they can do to make good photos. A large part of growing in a creative industry like photography involves experimenting on photos.

In general, learning the technical stuff is only a fraction of being a good photographer, so if you’ve just started or even if you’re an experienced photographer, it still pays to read reviews to know the trendiest techniques used by other photographers.

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